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Meet Kate Graham

Speaker/Teacher, Transformative Healing Guide

After realizing her calling through a series of dreams, Kate invested in the pursuit of learning ancient healing techniques.


Yin/Restorative Yoga Therapy & Ahimsa Yoga Teacher (350 hours) 

Advanced Navina Thai Yoga Therapy Practitioner

Certified Aromatherapist

Energy Worker, Intuitive, Shamanic Practitioner Student

In her Guelph-based practice, she incorporates energy work, the Vedic chakras, affirmations, meditation and breathwork as tools for transforming our lives and emotions.

Experience deep relaxation and spirit connection, and you will find that your worries disappear. 



“Kate dances beautifully between spiritual and practical, and reminds you that your business is both; you cannot have a thriving business if your heart and spirit are not in line with it. I felt so comfortable chatting with Kate; like I was just chatting with an old friend, who instinctually and lovingly holds up a mirror when you need to see yourself reflected back. I would highly recommend working with Kate.”

Thoughts have the ability to change our world.

We must always aim to touch others with Loving Kindness.
The practice of Yoga (on and off the mat) connects us to more than just our physical body. But it does that too.
Everything is energy. Einstein agrees. 
Aromatherapy is a powerful way to rewire our neural pathways, and assist healing on a cellular level. Science!
It is better to teach the body to relax than to force it into submission.
All you need is love.

Okay this one's by the Beatles.


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