About Kate Graham (She/Her)

Loving Kindness Cultivator/Practical Spiritual Transformation Guide
Intuitive: Connected to the Non-Ordinary World/Gifted and Neurodivergent Brain
Ambitious Dreamer/Highly Sensitive Human

From Kate: I have studied healing in the most common of ways: by experiencing and feeling, and transforming my own pain. I choose to pursue an education in various healing modalities to broaden the scope of knowledge I have access to for clients. Most recently, I am focused on radical healing transformations and the potential of shamanic practices assisting in high impact community healing. 


To explain 'how I got into Healing', it's often easier to explain that I had these psychic dreams in college that showed me my future as a healing practitioner, then I reverse engineered and started taking trainings. Since you're here, I'll share that I've actually had psychic dreams since I was very young, some deep and scary shamanic initiations, and I have experienced a great deal of personal suffering throughout my life which lead me to begin to self-heal... which lead to those dreams in college.


Had I not had the challenges of life, I would not have pursued these teachings myself! It is my true belief that we are in this world to Love, Know Truth, and Be Present.

Certified Aromatherapist

Restorative/Yin Yoga Guide

Ahimsa Yoga Teacher

Thai Massage Practitioner

Intuitive Channeler of Non-Ordinary 

Highly claircognizant, clairsentient and clairvoyant

Student of Celtic Shamanic Practices

Teacher of Transformation of Emotions and Energy

For further inquiries or to dream something up with me, email kate@heartsfrontier.com​​