Join us for 6 weeks towards supreme self-love and radical acceptance!


When was the last time you felt on top of the world in work, life, and love? When did you last look in the mirror and feel joyful in your own reflection? How long has it been since you put yourself first and truly revelled in your worth?


Our 6 week program is designed with your maximum potential in mind. Imagine taking just 6 weeks to UPLEVEL yourself towards the BEST YOU POSSIBLE. Will you say YES to a life full of endless energy, joy, and unwavering self-acceptance?


Do you want to say good-bye to self-doubt, insecurities, imposter syndrome, and fear?


Do you need a BOOST in energy, productivity, and possibilities?


Can you imagine living blissfully with high self-esteem and a positive body image?


ARE YOU READY to start actually LIVING your best life instead of dreaming about it?


Then JOIN US: This 6 week journey is tailored for YOU.


What you will learn:

How confidence is created and how you can boost yours for maximum wellness and success

How to let go of fears and insecurities so you can realize your FULL potential

How to identify and dismantle the negative blocks that hold you back from moving forward

How to navigate toxic situations and assert your boundaries

How to manifest JOY and STAND IN YOUR POWER regardless of where you are in life

How to accept and embrace CONFIDENCE and ABUNDANCE in your life



PLUS you will receive:


EXCLUSIVE and LIFETIME access to the "CONFIDENCE COLLECTIVE" Facebook Support Group

Take home materials to deepen your journey

HANDS on work in mindfulness meditation, visualization, and aromatherapy

ONE to ONE guidance from the EXPERTS



Your Guides:


Dr. Erin Watson is a well known sex/relationship expert and empowerment coach with 15+ years helping people reach their full potential in life, love, and work. Trained as a therapist, with a PhD in Family Relations, Erin has become sought after as a public speaker, author, and media personality. Erin is known for her innovative and effective approaches that help clients get unstuck! Erin is excited to help YOU move forward with happiness, vitality, and passion in yourself, your life, your body and your relationships.


Kate Graham is a Healing Guide, advanced Thai Massage Practitioner, Restorative/Yin/Ahimsa Yoga Teacher, Certified Aromatherapist, energy worker, speaker, and intuitive. Kate brings a wealth of ancient knowledge to the work she does, including cross cultural shamanic practices, celtic wisdom, sanskrit chants, and pendulum dowsing. Kate's goal is to guide people to their own sense of inner knowing, spirit connection and ultimately, heart fulfillment.



REGULAR INVESTMENT (After June 15): $535 CDN





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