Attain Emotional & Spiritual Progress & Clarity

Radical Empath Transformation/Self Healing Tools

Find Your Balanced Mind/Align To Your Dream Life

Develop Your Intuitive Skills

What if there was a way for you to fully become who you truly are inside? 
Do you dream of living in a way that is fulfilling and energizing?
What if there was a way for you to turn the parts of yourself you once labelled as “different”
into the parts of yourself that you view as your own unique superpowers?
What if you could radically transform your life - inside AND out - become your own self-healing master?
You can. Joining Executive Energetics, you WILL.
And beyond!

This program will teach you to become a radical healer - from the inside out. It’s the “book” that’s been inside you THIS. WHOLE. TIME. The “book” that you’ve been looking for isn’t at a shop - it’s inside YOU. 


You may be feeling like you’re not quite ready to embark on this journey,

that it might be meant for people who have ‘done more healing’. You might be thinking “when I reach this *insert next goal* then I’ll be ready” or “when I have more time or more money”, but here’s the thing - by investing in your own rapid personal growth you will get from goal to goal much more easily. This process is simply so much quicker and more direct.


I entirely understand it can be scary to take a stand for yourself and step into your own power. On my own journey through life, I’ve taken quite a few leaps myself! I’ve also dealt with a great deal of personal suffering and pain that has lead me on my own journey of self-healing, I know it’s not ‘just love and light’. I’m quite familiar with the dark plummets, the states of void and numb and in fact… It was on this journey that I began to have recurring psychic dreams of my future-self as a powerful healing practitioner.  


When I first received these dreams I dealt with a lot of resistance. You’d think this resistance was in the outside world (psychic dreams, are you for real?), but here's the truth...

the deepest pain I felt was the resistance I met myself with. 

 I completely feared my own power and resisted stepping into who I truly am, and spent years hiding behind the large amount of labels that my ego had attached itself too.  Logic was the main ruler of my internal landscape, and I preferred to battle mind against heart. I figured some level of overthinking would explain everything I was feeling.

But once I began to TAP into my true self, I leaned into my innate skills (which you have too!) and discovered so much more. I deepened my ability to know, feel, hear and see things intuitively, and opened up to a wellspring of information, more than I could ever ask for. That’s when I began to see real meaningful changes in my life, which FLOWED directly into my work with clients.

Kate is not only incredibly skilled at reading and channelling energy, she listens more intently than anyone I’ve ever met. She truly wants to hear your story and guide you along your path with your own words and ideas, not hers.

— Advocate and Protector of all those in their delightful and amazingly open, compassionate presence


I loved working with Kate. She maintains a perfect balance of giving both practical business and heart-centred advice. She asks the right kinds of questions [...] holds space for folks to feel vulnerable, while feeling supported and non-judged.”

— Passionate and Real Human in all senses of the word, powerful in business and seduction 

Over the course of my life, I’ve delved deep into the non-ordinary world, and into the human experience. I’ve not only radically transformed my own life, but I have helped over 250 people along their healing journeys. Now, it's time for me to lead a special group of individuals into a deeper journey, with even more powerful results.

Executive Energetics is a flexible, practical and educational program for spiritual wellbeing that creates radical inner transformation over the course of, and in line with, the four seasons of the year.  Following the cycles of nature is key in this program of returning to our true nature!

In this program, you will receive my guidance and insights, teachings on a variety of healing paths and tools, as well as support and accountability within a like-minded private community of kindred spirits. 

Executive Energetics Teaching Themes:

  • Healing with the Seasons 

  • Ancient Wellness Beliefs & Practices

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Personal Growth 

  • Yoga (esp. Restorative & Yin)

  • Meditation 

  • Emotional Healing

  • Chakras 

  • Psychology Tricks

  • Self Coaching

  • Stress/Anxiety Relief

  • Philosophy

  • Movement and Body Awareness 

  • Breathing 

  • Shamanism 

  • Aromatherapy

  • Nature Spirituality 

  • Vocal Healing 

  • Life Alignment 

  • Energy Raising 

  • Self Knowledge 

  • Spiritual Law & Order 

  • Intuition & Psychic Development

$257/month USD or $328/month CAD Membership Includes:​

  • Tons of 1 on 1 Support from myself (Kate Graham, Intuitive Healing Guide)

  • 4 sessions per month 1-on-1

  • Private Video and Worksheet Content 

  • Intuitive Messages and Readings for the EE Collective

  • Access to Executive Energetics Events

  • Entirely Customized and Intensive approach to healing

  • Community Access, the ability to celebrate and share your journey with others who understand


I’m seeking a limited number of passionate folk who are seeking DEEP transformation and are excited to delve into radical self-healing. 

If you are hoping for lasting inner shifts, a journey like this has been calling your name, then now is the time to say yes to you. Over the course of our time together I will lead you from where you are now, to where you never even dreamt you would be. Executive Energetics will expedite your healing process and align you to the greatest version of yourself. 



Why would I join if this is the first time you are running this program?

This will be the most pivotal year, in that the program will be tailored to its first participants - I will have more time this year to be able to fully invest in YOU and your individual journey. 


How is the content delivered and how do I access the course material?

Content will be delivered notifications via email and youtube (private videos), as well as over zoom sessions. As far as the type of content, there are videos (with transcripts also available), worksheets/PDFs, and written posts. You will receive updates when material gets added, and you’re welcome to go through material at your own pace. 


How much of a time commitment is Executive Energetics?

Truly, these teachings are meant to weave into your life, and create greater ease in your days! It is up to you how much time you dedicate to your self healing, but the more energy in, the deeper the transformation. There is no listed demand, but we will create a plan for your healing and transformation that works for YOU. Let this be the change you deeply desire.


What type of 1:1 access will I get with you?

You may book 4 sessions per month. I will give you the information to book these special sessions, and Executive Energetics founders will also receive a reduced rate to book additional time/readings with me. Please allow mental space for intuitively guided messages to come through in whichever way they need to for you, no matter the style of session. I recommend taking it easy and finding some time to reflect after our sessions together, and that you stay well hydrated.


How do I pay and is there a payment plan?

You will pay through the Heart's Frontier website. The investment is $257/month USD or $330/month CAD. It will keep track of your membership and payment information safely! If you desire/require a payment plan please get in touch with me and we will see what we can arrange. There is a discount on the program if you are able to pay for a season or year up front. If ever there is a need to cancel your membership, I can do that for you!


I don't know what exactly you're doing, but I tell everyone about it because it works. Im a better person when I do this stuff, so I come back."

— Bold yet humble leader everywhere they go, artist and giver, would win 'kicking and screaming into healing' award if there was such a thing.


"Going into my first session, I was skeptical and didn't genuinely believe that it would do anything. When I woke up the next morning, I was lighter, I felt new and so much had shifted. I realized I had been lied to my entire life."

— Courageous artist with keen eyes of discernment and observation, and an ever-expanding transforming heart 

Take this opportunity to radically shift your life, and you will not look back. You’re feeling the pull, the internal whisper to shift your life - the perfect time is now, I'd love to be your guide. 


See you inside,

xo Kate