Learn to cultivate the feeling of being grounded, and begin to feel at home in the world wherever you are.

2019 Fall Season (Autumn Equinox - Winter Solstice) includes:

  • A Note About Teachings & My Roots

  • Grounded Yin Practice

  • Reconnecting to Our Roots

  • Journalling Prompts to support emotional wellbeing

  • House Blessing (clear space for healing)

  • Breathing Practice

  • Root & Sacral Chakra healing tools

  • "Spirit of Autumn"

  • Hip Opening Yoga Postures

  • Aromatherapy Study of 10 oils (Fall//Root & Sacral)

  • Earthing Meditation

  • Intuitive Decision Making Support

  • Self-Reflexology Treatment Guide

  • Full Moon and New Moon Practices

  • Fall-Themed Recipes

  • and MUCH MORE (as spirits guide Kate to provide)!

On top of this, you will be welcomed into 2x monthly Facebook Live Q&A Sessions, and receive ongoing e-mail support from Kate. 

This is not a typical course in healing, and aims to align you not only to yourself, but to the Earth beneath your feet. Come home to yourself. Let the crisp air of Fall seep into your very heart, and bring you deeply back.

Kate will walk you through a variety of self-healing tools, and assist you while you integrate them into your everyday life. 

This is for you if recently you've felt: 'all over the place', spacey, anxious, unsettled, unfocused, out of touch, inconsistent, in pain, lost in a fog, unsure, rigid, unsupported, or feeling uncomfortable at home or in body.

Or if you're good with all that, but find this content fascinating, and just want to dive more deeply into your spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

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