About Kate Graham (She/Her)

Loving Kindness Cultivator/Practical Spiritual Transformation Guide
Intuitive: Connected to the Non-Ordinary World/Gifted and Neurodivergent Brain
Ambitious Dreamer/Highly Sensitive Human

I have studied healing in the most common of ways: by experiencing and feeling, and transforming my own pain. I choose to continue to pursue an education in various healing modalities to broaden the scope of knowledge I have access to for clients. As of late I am focused on radical healing transformations and the potential of shamanic practices assisting in high impact community healing. Aren't we all just out to help the world in some way?

It is my true belief that we are in this world to Love, Know Truth, and Be Present.

I learned about energy through a combination of experiential learning with friends and clients, passionate study, and self-healing. There is no degree for what feels like the pursuit of magic. (Still wishing Hogwarts sent me that letter, right?) I don't believe that I'm the only one who has the ability to practice this way, though - in fact, I believe we all can, and would do well to!


Folks often tell me that my energy feels warm or hot. They often report experiencing unique sensations and synchronicities that correlate to our session, sometimes for months and years after. In a way, I can receive your emotions, wash them through my system, and then return them to you... lighter. Easier to process, and let go of. In sessions with clients I go where I am guided to conversationally and energetically, and am often surprised and delighted by what comes through! 

I explore many things in the non-ordinary realm: speaking to ancestors, spirit teachers and guides, power animals, inner children, pains of the past in general, and the subtle energies around us.

I've got this thing about time and how we're looking at it the wrong way, I communicate with nature (and can help you do that too), and am more on the pragmatic and direct (read: honest) side of intuitive empaths. Laughter is important in healing, as is a healthy amount of laughing at oneself. 

Above all that, I am a loving human. 

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Certified Aromatherapist

Restorative/Yin Yoga Guide

Ahimsa Yoga Teacher

Thai Massage Practitioner

Intuitive Channeler of Non-Ordinary 

Highly claircognizant, clairsentient and clairvoyant

Student of Celtic Shamanic Practices

Teacher of Transformation of Emotions and Energy

For further inquiries or to dream something up with me, email kate@heartsfrontier.com​​