This style of reading is something that seems to help people in ways I am consistently amazed by. Before I press record, I will spend time tuning into the energy of your highest self, the guidance of your ancestors and spirit guides, and the non-ordinary world. I will then allow myself to intuit and speak messages to you!


Topics may vary, and some connection tools I use may include: oracle cards, pendulum, plants, bells.


You will be sent a link to your video through email so you can watch again if you need. These readings often feel as though they are 'just what you needed to hear', and are always done with my complete love, to assist you on your soul's journey through this lifetime. 


Please allow me 4-5 days to complete your reading. If I am called to do it sooner, you may receive it earlier. Type below if there is something specific I need to know about your reading, and please be mindful to keep the description brief so that I may be able to provide support with a clear mind when it comes time to channel for you.


Basically, the non-ordinary world already knows what's going on, Kate doesn't really need direct information! But, if you wish to have your reading focused on a specific area, you can choose so in the selection box.

20 Min Intuitive Reading

Area of Focus